Stage 7

Stage Brief:

Begin standing at start position with your foot touching the log and your empty rifle slung; pistol loaded and holstered; shotgun loaded to division capacity, on safe, and leaning against the tree. Upon start signal, you must eliminate known enemy threats within the defensive bunker with a hand grenade. The grenade must land inside the bunker to avoid a procedural penalty; multiple grenades will be available, and you must make an attempt with each until you are successful. Once complete you must advance to your friendly casualty while eliminating known hostile threats with your shotgun. Abandon safe shotgun in barrel. You must then secure your casualty which is packaged in the skedco. It is paramount that you extract your casualty to the medevac vehicle so your team can get him off the objective in a timely manner. Your casualty (the skedco) must be within arms length away AT ALL TIMES until you reach the fault line at the front of the truck. Engage pistol targets as they become visable. Abandon safe pistol in bucket provided. You must then climb into the back of the medevac vehicle and continue to eliminate long range, known enemy threats that are attempting to advance on your position. You must scale the side of the truck to enter the rifle shooting position, or you may use the available ladder and take a 10 second penalty.

Pistol 21 Rifle 7 Birdshot 15 Slugs 2


Stage RoundsĀ       
  Pistol RifleĀ  Bird Slugs
ONE 14 21 8 4
TWO 40 17 16 0
THREE 18 22 9 2
FOUR 21 12 12 2
FIVE 20 13 12 3
SIX 26 7 21 2
SEVEN 21 7 15 2
EIGHT 21 7 11 2
NINE 17 17 12 2
198 123 116 19
TOTAL: 456 rds